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a selection of Pub games - darts, dominoes, pool and skittlesFor centuries the village pub has been a centre for competitive entertainment. Whether it be darts and dominos or football and cricket, they generally start, finish or take place at the pub, and village pub will compete against village pub in closely fought leagues.

Lee may not be a large village, but it still manages to support more than its share of Pub leagues.

Skittles, as those in the know will understand, varies in style and rules from one part of the UK to another. Here it is rolling a ball along an alley with 9 pins as the target.

Over the past 50 years or so Darts has become pretty much a standard game across the UK and the Grampus has a conventional British Darts Federation board.

If you don’t want to take part in a league, you can still enjoy some traditional pub games such as Shove Ha’penny, Dominos, Cribbage, Darts and of course Pool. During the height of the holiday season the pub gets very busy and it may not be possible to find space for all these games; but come when it is quieter and you can play undisturbed all evening.

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Note that there are no Grampus skittles league teams for 2008/9